About Us

ABout Us

We put our heart and soul into what we do

We’re prepared to go the extra mile to get it right in the kitchen, working the hours required to produce a range of quality dishes. We’re creative and ambitious chefs with a real passion for cooking fresh and exciting dishes that linger on the palette and stay long in the memory.

"We love what we do and want that attention to detail to come through in the food we produce"

Good Quality

Our philosophy is to treat our raw ingredients with respect by creating simple, well cooked dishes that not only taste delicious, but have the love you only find in the best homemade meals. Simple and homemade doesn’t mean that we only produce basic meals, however, as our menu also offers a great selection of high class dishes that you’d expect to find in any top end restaurant.

Fresh Ingredients

We buy all our produce from local growers and suppliers because we are committed to preparing dishes with fresh food that is both sustainable and helps to support our farmers and producers. We prefer to use local, seasonal produce rather than buy ingredients that have clocked up thousands of air miles.

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